The Games Social People Play

by Rise of Social Commerce on September 26, 2010

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Gaming is the third most used tactic by companies in the scramble to drive differentation in the Rise of Social Commerce,  As companies cross the chasm of being social for social’s sake to defining and driving Frictionless Commerce, gaming grows in importanceAt the upcoming Altimeter Group conference, Rise of Social Commerce in Palo Alto, October 6th and 7th, Plimus and Zygna will be sharing their perspectives. 

 In preparation for the event, we share a guest post from Simon Jones, VP of Plimus:

The countdown to the first annual Rise of Social Commerce conference is under way. I’m delighted to be part of this inaugural Altimeter Group event and will be speaking on Thursday, Oct. 7, as part of the conference session “The Games Social People Play.”


The social Web, and marketing games within it, has become vital business play for game developers looking to expand their reach, their fan base and their tax bracket. With the ongoing explosion of social networking and online gaming, we at Plimus are quite confident this phenomenon won’t be going away anytime soon. However, the market is getting increasingly crowded, and the “build it and they will come” approach that blossomed in the last couple of years has clearly reached its zenith. As a result, game developers must strive to create the perfect online environment in order to thrive. 


During my session, I’ll be talking about ‘Turning on the TAP.’ This is all about understanding that success is represented by the three-legged stool of Technology, Audience and Process.  I’ll share three customer case studies outlining key elements involved in driving online engagement, and reveal some of the key lessons we have learned along the way to help guide companies looking to enter the market.

While I don’t want to give too much away, perhaps a sneak peek will pique your interest.

At Plimus, we are working to solve the needs of clients who are looking to optimize their investments in e-Commerce 3.0, the newly-developing way in which online customers want to buy anytime, anyplace, anywhere, with as little hassle as possible. Call it a desire for ‘frictionless e-Commerce.’  Simultaneously, many game consumers have shifted their attention toward the social Web to supply them with their next distraction-of-choice. The combination of factors means that simply looking at one element of the mix won’t get the job done: you may have awesome technology, but if you don’t know your audience’s preferences, you’re toast, and vice versa.

Fortunately, we all have the necessary ingredients in our business; all we need is the recipe, and the commitment to combine the ingredients the right way.  Based on the results we’re seeing from some of our lead clients, I can tell you that the baked goods that come out the other end can be very tasty indeed.

 “Tell me more, Simon,” you say? Join me at the conference on, Oct. 7 at the Palo Alto Four Seasons.  I hope to see you there!


– Simon Jones, VP of Strategic Solutions, Plimus

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