Conference Agenda

October 6th, 2010

12:30  (Welcome) A Groundswell requires Open Leadership

It started as a Groundswell; but, through Open Leadership, social strategies are pushing new horizons in shaping how shoppers think about brands and redefine the shopping experience. Join Charlene Li, author of two New York Times bestseller books to gain a new understanding. (#RSCS1)

Charlene Li, Founder, Altimeter Group | (Click here to download the PDF of this presentation)

12:45   Rise of Social Commerce

As social networks extend horizontally across organizations and trading partner networks, the shopping experience is fundamentally changing.  Hear the voice of the new shopper on why enlightened engagement and the store of the community matters. Gain insight on who is doing it well, and where the industry is moving in a new era of frictionless shopping. (#RSCS2)

Lora Cecere, Partner, Altimeter Group | (Click here to download the PDF of this presentation)

1:15   Redefining the Customer Experience

New technologies enable the redesign of the customer experience.  Join Bob to understand how Delta is currently using and plans to use disruptive technologies to define a new level of customer service. (#RSCS3)

Bob Kupbens, Vice President, e-Commerce, Delta Airlines | (Click here to download the PDF of this presentation)

1:45   Meet the New Shopper.

The shopper has changed. Changing demographics, post-recession attitudes, and use of new technologies have upped the ante on serving the new shopper.  Join JP as he shares how you can track social programs with consumer panel buying behavior to learn how the rise of social commerce has fundamentally changed shopping behaviors. (#RSCS4)

JP Beauchamp, Senior Vice President for Symphony (IRI) Consumer and Marketing Division | (Click here to download the PDF of this presentation)

2:15-2:45   Break


2:45   What drives Social Behavior?

Sinan Aral, a faculty member in the Information, Operations and Management Sciences department of the NYU Stern School of Business and affiliated faculty at MIT, will share insights on how information diffusion in massive online social networks influences demand patterns, consumer e-commerce behaviors and word of mouth marketing. (#RSCS5)

Sinan Aral, NYU Stern School of Business | (Click here to download the PDF of this presentation)

3:15   Social Commerce:  Beyond Campaigns and Programs to Drive Business and Customer Value

The emergence of a social Web creates vibrant communities, conversations and connections, fundamentally changing how we think about business on the Web, what was known as e-commerce, and what constitutes a valuable and meaningful customer relationship and experience. Taken together these factors result in the powerful emergence of social commerce which includes new opportunities to innovate, create new ways to do business together and underpin the strengthening of relationships between customers and business.  Manish will talk about how Dell has been listening, learning, engaging, innovating and measuring social commerce in relation to changes at, one of the largest global commerce websites, within all aspects of the Dell organization, as well as across the Web wherever Dell customers are.  (#RSCS6)

Manish Mehta, Vice President, Social Media and Community, Dell | (Click here to download the PDF of this presentation)

3:45   Let’s be Social in a Meaningful Way

As social programs near their third year of investment, this panel will take a look at driving the return on investment (ROI) for social activities.  Join us as a panel of social media experts share insights on what social means for their business and how they achieved business value. (#RSCP1)


Jeremiah Owyang, Partner, Altimeter Group


  • Bert Dumars, VP E-Business and Interactive Marketing, Newell Rubbermaid
  • Steve Bendt, Marketing and Partner Acquisition, Emerging Platform Group, Best Buy
  • Manish Mehta, Vice President, Social Media & Community, Dell
  • Bowen Payson, Manager of Online and Digital Marketing, Virgin America

4:30   Driving Enlightened Engagement.

Customers want a dialogue. They want to be heard.  They want to connect with people like them.  But, how do companies learn to listen, test and learn and then engage?  Join our panel of experts for a discussion on driving enlightened engagement through social commerce. (#RSCP2)


Brian Solis, Principal, Futureworks


  • Cathy Halligan, SVP, Sales & Marketing, PowerReviews
  • Josh Himwich, VP, eCommerce Solutions, Quidsi: and
  • Stuart Sproule, Managing Director at AKQA
  • Gerardo Dada, Product Marketing, Bazaarvoice

5:15   Open Leadership Awards

See and hear how organizations have transformed client interaction through open leadership.  The awards will recognize the organizations and individuals who are using social technologies to open and transform their organizations.  Being open is hard, so this is a chance to highlight organizations and leaders who are successfully giving up control while still getting things done. (#RSCOL)

We will showcase real-world examples of success, highlight the journey and share how companies transformed their organizations.

Charlene Li, Founder, Altimeter Group

Susan Etlinger, Consultant, Altimeter Group

5:45   Social Networking

Join social pioneers for networking.  Grab beverages and appetizers and take advantage of the opportunity to talk first hand to technology innovators in the innovation showcase and sponsorship areas.

October 7th, 2010

9:00   Welcome

Charlene Li, Founder of Altimeter Group

9:05   Be Anywhere.  Stay Connected.  Shop Everywhere with Friends like YOU!

What is the future of Mobility? How does it change the shopping experience?  Where are we in adoption cycles, and how are leaders taking advantage of the trends of mobile applications, geo-location and 2-D tags. (#RSCS6)

Pete Blackshaw, Executive Vice President, Nielsen Digital Strategies, The Nielsen Company | (Click here to download the PDF of this presentation)

9:45   Extending Social into Commerce

Hallmark is an early pioneer in creating social networks and shaping the buying experience.  Join the session to hear insights to action of how a leader transformed a shopping experience on a social network. (#RSCS7)

Camille Lauer, Director of Social Innovation, Hallmark | (Click here to download the PDF of this presentation)

10:15-10:45   Break


10:45   The Games Social People Play

With the rise of social commerce, gaming becomes an important tactic.  Hear first hand from two experts how gaming technologies are being used to shape the social experience.

10:45-11:00 Games that Drive Engagement: Discussion on the evolution of games in social commerce and what Zynga is seeing as market drivers and opportunities.

Manny Anekal, Director of Brand Advertising, Zynga (#RSCS8) | (Click here to download the PDF of this presentation)

11:00-11:10 Making it Happen: Three Gaming Case Studies presented by Simon Jones, VP of Strategic Solutions, Plimus (#RSCS9)

11:10-11:15 Q&A

11:15-12:00   Sorting through new Technologies to Make it Happen!

The rise of social commerce has given rise to new technologies to engage the shopper, build enlightened engagement on social networks and transform the shopping experience; but how do I make sense of all of them? And, who are the emerging technologies to know.  Join this session to hear insights on the Altimeter Group’s Innovators Showcase and emerging technologies to know. (#RSCP3)


Deb Schultz, Partner, Altimeter Group


  • Wendy Lea, CEO, Get Satisfaction
  • Dan Emery, Industrial Designer, Ponoko
  • Cyriac Roeding, CEO, Shopkick

12:00   Buffet Lunch

Book signing:

Open Leadership by Charlene Li, and

The New Social Learning by Marcia Conner

1:00   Creating the Store of the Community.

Today, anyone can participate in fashion, not just as consumers, but also as designers, merchandisers, models, stylists – even buyers. Join us as we discuss the implications of a world in which consumer behavior affects every link in the value chain. (#RSCP4)


Susan Etlinger, Consultant, Altimeter Group


  • Shari Gunn, CMO, Kaboodle
  • Adil Wali, Chief Experience Officer, ModCloth
  • Bridget Dolan, VP Interactive Media, Sephora
  • Jon Kubo, CIO, Wet Seal

1:45   Open Leadership.

To capture the opportunity in Social Commerce, companies have to let go. They have to be open. They have to move to pull-based processes.  How do companies tackle this important change management issue?  In this session, gain insights from the New York Best Seller author, Charlene Li, Founder of Altimeter Group. (#RSCS10)

2:15   Break


2:45   Rewiring the Organization for Social Commerce and Open Leadership

The greatest barrier to a new relationship-oriented workstyle is often the organization itself.  Join us for a lively conversation with leaders rewiring organizations for open leadership to take advantage of social commerce. (#RSCP5)


Marcia Conner, Partner, Altimeter Group and author of new book release, The New Social Learning


  • Kevin Barenblat, CEO and Co-Founder of Context Optional
  • Todd R. Chandler, Helzberg Diamonds
  • Ken Godfrey, Worldwide Strategic eMarketing, IBM Software
  • Ben Brooks, Practice Leader-Human Capital Performance, Marsh

3:15 Case Studies in Action

Insights from a pioneer.  Join this session to hear how other early adopters have added social commerce features to their social communities. Rules of the road.  Lessons learned and speed bumps to avoid. (#RSCS11)

Wade Gerten, CEO and Founder of Alvenda | (Click here to download the PDF of this presentation)

3:45   Frictionless Commerce: Turning Conversations Into Conversion

As social networks extend into commerce, what are the right experiences that need to be created? Most people are not on social platforms like Facebook to shop, so how can you create relevant reasons and ways to engage customers, so that commerce become frictionless? What are the new rules and the new options? (#RSCP6)


Charlene Li, Founder, Altimeter Group


  • John Corpus, CEO and Founder, Milyoni
  • Matt Compton, CEO of ShopIgniter
  • Siva V. Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO, TheFind, Inc.

4:15   Rise of Social Commerce.  The Road Forward.

A social visioning session.  A look at the future.   Where is it going?  What are the landmarks? How do leaders prepare for the journey? (#RSCP7)

  • Charlene Li, Founder, Altimeter Group
  • Ethan Beard, Director of Facebook’s Developer Network
  • Lora Cecere, Partner, Altimeter Group