About the Conference

“Focused on disruptive technologies, the advisory firm’s office–called the Hangar–lets clients learn about and experiment with new technologies. Experts in leadership and management, customer strategy, enterprise strategy, and innovation and design, Altimeter helps companies navigate changes brought on by the disruptive nature of social media, all the while taking advantage of the new technology.”

Fast Company names Altimeter Group one of The 10 Most Creative Small Businesses, June 2010

The Rise of Social Commerce

  • Date: October 6th and 7th
  • Location: Four Seasons, Palo Alto, CA
  • Theme: The push for customer advocacy. Reinvent your brand through the Rise of Social Commerce

Shoppers want to belong. They want to be heard. They crave a better buying experience. Power is shifting from the retailer to the shopper. Social commerce is filling the void between clicks and bricks to deliver this personalized experience.

Technologies are emerging answer the challenge. Point of Presence (POP) is combining with Point of Sale (POS) to influence, persuade, and guide shopping. Artificial reality and virtualization is enhancing interaction. Social media is evolving to social commerce to improve the in-store experience. Attend this event to understand how companies are capitalizing on these trends to influence shopping on mobile devices, automate check-out and link the voice of the customer to the value chain.

Attendees (Who will be there):

  • Line of business leaders in retail and manufacturing in the consumer products value chain:
  • Chief Customer Officer
  • Chief Marketing Officers and Merchandisers
  • VP of Sales Operations
  • Technology and Social Media Strategists
  • Chief Information Officer(CIO)

Why Attend?

  • Power is shifting to the shopper. Learn firsthand how this is changing the channel, brand positioning, and the buying experience.
  • Leverage insights to build communities, enhance brand loyalty and gain insights on how to improve the customer relationship. Is this customer experience?
  • Network with leaders that are making it happen. Learn from people who are doing it: in different industries and segments of the value chain.
  • Learn the latest on enabling technology – Augmented Reality, Gaming, Sentiment Analysis, POP, POS, social media, etc. in hands-on sessions.